September 10, 2023

All Day

We are not a church WITH LifeGROUPS, but a church OF LifeGROUPS and we can have a LifeGROUP for YOU this semester!


September 10 we are having our LifeGROUP launch after all services so be sure to swing by the lobby and browse the tables for a LifeGROUP you want to join that fits your schedule.

On top of all the other LifeGROUPS we have for all different walks of life, we are excited to announce that we are having our third semester for MANHOOD UNIVERSITY.

Plus, we are starting something new with an all new women’s ministry we are calling STABLE & STEADFAST!

Be sure to head to our LifeGROUP page to check out all the LifeGROUPS we are offering this semester.